Amazing Videos Of The Vampire Squid From Hell And Camouflaging Octopus

Two amazing videos of the vampire Squid and a camouflaging Octopus.

For years marine biologists have puzzled over what the mysterious vampire squid eats.

Recent research by Henk-Jan Hoving and Bruce Robison at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute finally reveals the answer.

These deep-sea creatures use long, retractile filaments to passively harvest particles and aggregates of detritus, or marine snow, sinking from the waters above.

This feeding strategy, unknown in any other cephalopod (this group of animals includes squid and octopods), allows vampire squid to thrive in the oxygen minimum zone where there are few predators but marine detritus is abundant.

Even more amazing is this video of a camouflaging octopus.

Source: mbarivideo harveyosullivan

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