Are Hidden 'Bible Code' Messages Ominous Nuke Warnings?

Author Michael Drosnin believes he has information that's vital to national — indeed global —security, and he is concerned that President Obama is being shielded from these important revelations by senior members of the administration.
Drosnin is so concerned, in fact, that he took out a full page ad on Dec. 8 in the New York Timestoday (page A27) that asks, "Why Won't the White House Let the President Read This Letter?" Under that is a photograph of Osama bin Laden, with a large caption that reads, "Bin Laden May Already Have Nuclear Weapons." How did Drosnin get this information? He read it (along with the weapons' location) in the Bible: it was "first stated by a code in the Bible as the hide-out for nuclear weapons... The code clearly states that Al Qaeda has nuclear weapons there." [Did UFOs Disarm Nuclear Weapons?] ... Read More
Physicist David E. Thomas downloaded an except of Drosnin's new book and ran another algorithm on the characters after stripping out spaces and punctuation, coming up with the word "megalomania." Credit: David E. Thomas.

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