Montauk Monster Washes Up on Manhattan East River Shore 2012

Denise Ginley took some horrifying photographs of a bloated, dead animal this weekend. "Is this another incarnation of the Montauk Monster?" she asked Gothamist. "Or just the largest rat in the city?"

Ginley was going for a stroll Sunday when she made the grisly discovery.

"We were walking on the esplanade along the East River beneath the FDR. We found the dead creature lying on the strip of sand beside the East River, on the Manhattan side, directly beneath the Brooklyn Bridge. It looked like the tide probably washed the carcass up there along with some driftwood."

In the mutilated face, sure, maybe we could see it. There might've been a snout there at some point and the dirty, crumpled ears look pig-ish.

But it's the feet, and specifically the toes, that weird us out. That is not like any pig's foot we've ever seen. "I definitely agree that the feet are not pig-like at all," Ginley confirmed to Daily Intel.

The "Montauk Monster" was discovered in 2008 on a beach in the Hamptons, and the "stout, hairless creature with a beak, claws," and "almond-shaped eyes familiar from renderings of space aliens," is a source of mystery to this day.

An escaped mutant from a government lab? A dog? A pig? An unknown creature? Viral marketing campaign?

Source: disclosetv stephenhannardadguk

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