Bluebird reborn: Legendary speedboat that killed tragic Donald Campbell is rebuilt from wreckage

The legendary record breaking Bluebird superboat in which speed-king Donald Campbell died after crashing at 328mph is to live again - 45 years after the tragic accident that sealed both their fates.
The wreck of the jet-powered Bluebird K7, which sank to the bottom of Lake Coniston in January 1967 before being found and raised by divers in 2001, is now being re-assembled piece by piece.
The aim is to put the phoenix-like reconstructed craft back on the water in a year's time - and run it at speeds of up to 100mph... Read More 

Iconic: This image of Donald Campbell's Bluebird hydroplane was taken on Coniston Water, Cumbria, on the day it flipped over and crashed as he tried to break his own world water speed record

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