Freedomizerradio: Mass Arrests for the Cabal, NESARA and more

Could everything the Galactics and others have been telling us about NESARA, mass arrests and the fall of the cabal be about to come to fruition?

Well, we are sitting on the Spring/Autumn Equinox, depending which hemisphere you live in.

So balance is in the air! Below is the complete recording of a show that aired on Freedomizerradio on Sunday, March 18. It covers all of the above topics – and claims that things are about to kick into gear.

The show is co-hosted by Deatra Loomer, from Freedom Reigns, and Jo Anne Moretti. Their guest is a fellow named Drake Bailey (who I know nothing about; nor could Google help me!).

Drake talks about what can only be the coming of NESARA. He also goes into great detail about how the arrests of the cabal will take place and how plans for what is about to occur have been in place for 20 years.

Drake says that the American People have given civilian authority to the military services to make changes to bring us back to the true government for and by the people.

He also warns everyone not to misread what is going on. And not to be scared or live in fear when things begin: they are NOT coming for the people; it is the cabal whose time is up!

He says to prepare for the coming “good”, and that real change is coming very soon.

Here’s what Deatra wrote on her www.freedomreigns.us website before the show went to air: “We are in a time of great change. America’s currency was captured in 1913. Her government was captured in 1933.

This explains why petitioning our government has been to no meaningful avail. These corporations that masquerade as our lawful government have almost destroyed America.

Top people in our government – including our military – know this. They have been waiting for the right time – to help take America back to our lawful government.

In the very near future, we can expect a major, constructive change in our banking and currency systems. We can expect to see contingents of federal marshals – backed up by our active military – in the major seats of power.

These military are not any part of a military coup. They are backing up civilian re-establishment of our lawful government.

We can expect do see interruptions in our normal way of life. This transition has been designed to minimize interruptions in vital services and our economy – minimize hardship.

This will be accompanied by announcements in mainstream media. What we do not want – is for people to panic. Our so-called president has been informed that he is no longer commander in chief of our military.

This is part of a worldwide operation whereby the non-aligned nations –those who are not part of the G20 – re-establish solid currencies.

Drake Bailey will be our guest.” She also says: “This show was primarily designed for our active and retired military, co-hosted by well known Freedomizer – Jo Anne Moretti. Our primary guest was Drake – and our belovd Teri helped fill in a few gaps in this presentation.

Sometime in the near future, contingents of federal marshals will be serving papers on – and arresting – a number of people. They will be backed up by active military troops. Once again, this is not a military coup.

Drake – our man with more connections than I can imagine – brought forth a straight-forward set of instructions to remind our military about the proper manner to refuse an unconstitutional order.

This was followed by a set of free-wheeling calls. If there was ever a show to bring to the attention of your local sheriffs, mayors, police chiefs – and any military you know – this is it.

It’s an edge-of-the-seat presentation – and an all-out effort to keep peace in trying and troubling times. “


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