At World's End: Artists Reveal Stunning Post-Apocalyptic Images Of Cities Around The Globe

From New York City to Beijing, a team of artists are shedding light on what the world would be like at the end of humanity.

In Silent World, artists Lucie and Simon have taken the world's most familiar and populous cities and removed all but one or two people to create the illusion of a lonely world.

In the thought-provoking work, places like the normally bustling Times Square and Tiananmen Square appear absent of their crowds.

Instead of multiple exposures, the team used a neutral density filter on their pictures to create scenes right out of the Will Smith film I Am Legend or zombie saga The Walking Dead.

Silent world from Lucie & Simon on Vimeo.

Silent World, Beijing transformation from Lucie & Simon on Vimeo.

Source: lucie and simon 'vimeo'

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