Massive Unknown Object In Suns Orbit - April 2012

Massive object recorded by Cor 2 (white-Light) (SECCHI) Stereo 'A' satellite. Recorded 2 April 2012.

This object is at least three times the size of Earth, and seems to be in a fixed orbit around the sun. Able, not only to withstand the tremendous temperature emanating from the suns surface, but also its massive gravitational pull.

At certain points also, you can clearly see the Suns plasma rays bounce over the spherical anomaly, this proves the object is not a glitch but is in fact a real object, only question is what is it.

This is not the first time that this object appears. First observation, last year in June.

We have just been ignoring that object as if it were an anomaly on the lens and some scratch on the telescope filter but look very close and you will see that it IS an object sitting close to our sun and what is up with that one spot were it is pulsating and emitting all types of different objects?

I have never seen it so intense and it seems to be escalating. It is my opinion that the public is being kept in the dark as to what is REALLY going on...

Source: beepeeoildisaster * stephenhannardADGUK

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