Strange Unknown Lights In The Night Sky Above Field In Texas

These lights appeared over a field where a rancher keeps his cattle. The lights appear to slowly move above the tree line then move below the trees. The lights appeared in the middle of the night when allot of the ground was covered in a thick layer of fog.

Due to the fog, not all of the video is clear or in focus. The video segments shown here are some of the best footage recorded. Angela, the author of this video, was outside while recording this video. When the lights started to move quickly behind the trees and moved in her direction, she ran into her home. When she tried to continue recording video through her kitchen window, the lights were gone.

Are these strange lights extraterrestrial or man-made UFOs? Or maybe such as f.e. farm equipment or helicopters? Make your own decision. I have made mine!!

The video and sound has not been altered and is played back as it was recorded. The video was taken around mid-night, on May 15th 2012 in Texas.

Source: shadoXAV

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