Heartbreaking Scene: Adult Dolphin Carries Dead Baby Dolphin On Its Back As It Swims Home

In a rare mourning ritual, a dolphin was pictured carrying its dead calf's body on its back in the sea near Qinzhou in China's Guangxi Province.

The emotional scene was watched by a boat full of tourists who saw the dead calf with a large gash, approximately a foot long, across its belly during a tour.

Wang said during the three minutes that they were close to the dolphin, they watched the baby slide from its mother's back several times but each time she would dive again to pick up her baby and keep going.

According to the Daily Mail, it appears the dolphin might have been hit by one of the tour boats that ferry around the well-known dolphin-watching area in China’s Guangxi Zhuang region. Researchers have observed, however, that dolphins do mourn and grieve for their dead. Unfortunately, this incident is not isolated. A study conducted by WWF in 2010 found that rare dolphins were being injured by boat strikes. Many dolphin species are threatened by fishing gear, pollution, and habitat loss.”

The dolphin was believed to be a mother moving her dead baby away from the shore to lay it to rest in deeper water. The mother must be heartbroken, but insisted on carrying her baby home.

Source: beijingcream v.youko.com

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