Olympic Adverts predicting an attack on London? NWO, Zion Illuminati WW3 2012 (4 Part Doc./Analysis)

They have been warning us for years. Is now the time for the Illuminati to establish their New World Order?

Part 1: A look at the hidden messages being portrayed in the Olympic and Euro 2012 adverts as well as a few films and TV programmes which suggest an attack on London is imminent.

Adverts in order of use:

London's Burning - BBC
The Best of Us - Olympic Commercial
Spooks: Code 9 - BBC TV Series
Chinese Euro 2012 Advert - NOW TV
V for Vendetta - Ending Scene
New Years Firework Display - London 2012
Song: Earthquake - Labrinth

The second part of the series: A look at the possibility of a nuclear attack or multiple explosions which would potentially trigger the start of WW3! Going a big deeper into the hidden messages behind many of the songs and TV adverts being put in front of us today. The signs are definitely there. But will you take notice before its too late?

Part 3: The beginnings of a New World Order and the arrival of the Antichrist.
We've already looked behind scenes at the hidden messages that are being portrayed by the media (adverts, songs, movies etc) and we now know the possible targets (The Olympic Stadium) But is there something even more sinister going on here??? Hopefully this video will provide some answers.

The fourth installment of this series. This part deals with the question "who will get the blame?" Well they blamed the muslims after 9/11, so naturally who's going to question it if they point the finger at them again? Only some of us have awoken and exposed them for what they are, so i don't think they can use that card again. No, all the clues lead us to the UFO phenomenon that is constantly being put in our faces 24/7. Who will the people run to if we were invaded by an outside enemy? It makes sense, especially now they have the technology to pull a stunt like that off. Of course i could be wrong but this is where my research has lead me.

Source: scrawny2brawny

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