Two Michigan UFO Incidents in Two Days - Northern and Southern MI - July 10-11, 2012

Many people report seeing "mysterious lights" over the tip of the mitt on Tuesday night. Descriptions ranged from "balls of fire" to "lights forming shapes and then disappearing"

Central Dispatch says they received several 911 calls about the lights, but with no explanation to give- the suspicious only grew.

At Selfridge Air National Guard Base where officials were heard talking on their radio frequency about strange unidentified flying objects hovering over Lake St. Clair and the Clinton River.

The officials, who were not identified, could be heard on police scanners around the region talking Wednesday night in excited tones about what they reported to be a large object with flashing lights that was first spotted about 100 yards from shore and hovering 50 feet above the lake. The object then supposedly disappeared and re-appeared near MacRay Harbor on North River Road, adjacent to the air base in Harrison Township.

A shift report from July 11 shows an exercise involving that scenario had taken place at approximately 8:15 p.m., according to the statement. However, the personnel involved acknowledged afterward that they had failed to state ahead of time that a drill was in process, the statement indicated. Read more

Exercise or UFOs? Here is a witness video of the 7/10 sighting:

Witness report: This poor video was taken with my camera as the anomaly was ending. It was faint and lit by the moon (or sun at that elevation) and moving very quickly ahead of the fireball like embers that flared brightly and faded.

When we first saw it, it appeared to be coming at us from the south and the embers where grouped together but the angle changed as if a meteor was slingshoting just above the Mesosphere releasing pieces to gravity.

The trajectory changed and the fireballs laid out linear from east to west. The elevation and speed was phenomenal and the whole event may have taken nearly 5 minutes.

I can't be sure we saw it from the beginning or not. The whole time there was a plane in the sky to the west and it's blinking light seemed to be standing still compared to the speed of the anomaly.

I saw this with 3 co-workers in Cheboygan, later that night a friend and his girlfriend said they had seen the same thing in Alanson. It the time we where talking they're friend contacted them to explain what he'd seen in Cross Village.

Source: sheilaalien macombdaily 9and10news ssvegtia33

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