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Sander: "First I like to apologize for the chaotic commentary in this video. I did not make use of a script but simply tell you about what came into my mind when I saw the objects again.

This project I have been working on for 10 years. The endresult: 36 minutes of video with close ups of UFO you have never seen elsewhere.

There is absolutely NO ONE who can explain what I found on NASA TV. Everyone is guessing and seeking for a logical explanation: Well there is NONE! These UFO are real.

At normal speed they look like flashes of coloured light. They move very fast through space and we normally are unable to see them. Sometimes however when they slow down speed we can capture them for a very short period of 0.035 seconds. (~1 frame)

After recording dozens of hours of NASA live transmissions (HD quality when available) I went through these videos frame by frame. Most of these UFO showed up in a single frame (but there are a few exceptions as I will show you)".

Source: space above and beyond_1967sander

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