UFO Sighting Over Phoenix, Arizona - Multiple Witnesses - Sept 18, 2012

Witness 1: My neighbor came and knocked on my door and was freaking out saying something about UFO's, I walked out front and saw two orange orbs floating over the city, they definitely weren't planes.

I ran inside to grab my camera but when I got back out they had disappeared, my neighbor said she saw them go out like someone switched out the light.

After a few minutes she went back inside, I continued to look for them and saw them reappear in a different part of the sky and thats when I started filming.

Around 3:30 they both disappear as a plane approaches and then one of them reappears in a different spot. Maybe theres an explanation, but as of now they're unidentified...

Witness 2: This video was filmed on September 18, 2012 near I-17 and Indian School rd. looking towards the south/southwest direction.

We were first at 35th ave and peoria on our way to film a music video downtown, then I noticed some different lights in the sky. We pulled over and tried to capture it, but they vanished right before we could hit record. We continued heading downtown. On the way, I noticed they had reappeared and we pulled off the freeway onto indian school at the motel 6. Quickly rushed up to the 3rd floor balcony and started filming.

Source: tonyaguilera creepbhill

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