Curiosity Mars Rover Image: 'Guinea Pig on Mars'?

I know it's ridiculous and far fetched, a guinea pig on Mars, but so are a lot of things.

According the author: So, I had some people message me and point me in the direction of this image, showing something .. weird .. possible life on Mars or proof this whole thing was staged?

After looking at it, it does appear there is a rodent like animal between some rocks.

I've put the image of the guinea pig in the photograph as a comparison if you don't know what a guinea pig is. I'm not saying its a guinea pig...it looks rodent like.

I see what a lot of others see...a rodent of sorts. If you show the image to anyone and ask them where it was taken i can assure you 90% will say its a guinea pig or rodent and say its from on earth.

Despite that the object looks like a guinea pig it's probably a rock and don't forget, the eye seeks out familiar shapes/objects.

The question ...is there life on Mars? If so, then maybe this image shows an animal. But as long as there is no definitive evidence of life on Mars, it remains a question..

Link Original Image Sol52 location: http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/msl/multimedia/pia16204.html

Source: rob19791 nasagov

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