UFO flies over the Moon caught with telescope - Nov 24, 2012

An interesting sighting of an unknown object which moves in sight of the Moon.

Witness report: It seems to go up and down very slowly, this is why I don't think it was a satellite.

Through the telescope you would be-able to see a strange like tether connected to a smaller object, in perspective to the size seen in the telescope like 1 inch away, which would mean it is miles long. it is taunt while connected to the smaller object and the main object has features that look like there is a gray color in the center like our moon has. The smaller object to the right of the main object seems very small and like a tiny LED light kinda. It is moving at a steady speed visible to seem like wobbling or swaying like a clock pendulum.

Note: I am aware of the two new satellites that are in orbit of the earth right now.

To research the "Van Allen Belt ", but that said for me to see a gap of about an inch between the main larger object and the smaller one.

They are Connected by a tether seen through a telescope and knowing they are miles above us makes me believe it is not one of those.

This additional footage is to show the visual transition from the Moon to the object.

An important to note - the object was seen at the same location for three consecutive days around Nov 24, 2012 and was visible between 4:25-4:45pm on each day, "almost like it was on a scheduled pattern.

Source: wowforreeel

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