Big Cigar-Shaped UFO crosses the Moon - Dec 2, 2012

A big shadow figure what looks like a cigar shaped UFO crossing over the moon.

The dark shadow of this big cigar shaped UFO (Mother ship?) passes across the top section of the Moon(at the video Counter numbers of 0.23 to 0.25 of the first video).

If this is a plane than it's flying with no lights. But before you say it's a plane look at both sides - left and right of the moon - in the darkness - as well as when you can see it on the moon. There are no lights!

Enhanced with an Arrow added to help you see this UFO (video below).

The videos were recorded at about 4X out of 10X with the Camera digital zoom.
Captured using a Canon T3i with a Sigma 70-200mm lens - with a Sigma 2X Converter recorded at about 9:45 PM Dec. 2, 2012.

Source: awfulpayne , image credit: dislosetv

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