Shift of the Ages: A Mayan Journey Through Time

Maya elder Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, better known as Wandering Wolf, reveals in the new documentary Shift of the Ages the truth about the Mayan prophecy.

The Mayans called this period called "the new sun '. Wandering Wolf was at the premiere in Los Angeles to talk about the message of the Mayans.

The documentary is until 21 December 2012 totally free to watch. After December 21 then they ask for a small donation.

The Mayans speak of the year zero. Some researchers believe that the year zero coincides with 2012. Wandering Wolf says that this time period by the Maya is seen as the change of the suns'. It is a transition process, instead of one day.

Wandering Wolf travels around the world with spiritual and indigenous leaders to discuss the role of human consciousness in this transition.

The Mayan elder brings a message of hope, but warns that we must change. He tells us that we are living in the time when the ancestors will return to point a new era of global harmony and a new phase in human evolution to usher.

Watch the film Shift of the Ages: A Mayan Journey Through Time here until 21 December free.

See below a trailer of the movie.

Source: steve copeland

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