The Solar Killshot - The Facts

The solar storm of 1859, also known as the 1859 Solar Superstorm,or the Carrington Event,was a powerful solar storm in 1859 during solar cycle 10.

Aurorae were seen around the world, even over the Caribbean; those over the Rocky Mountains were so bright that their glow awoke gold miners, who began preparing breakfast because they thought it was morning.

People who happened to be awake in the northeastern US could read a newspaper by the aurora's light.

Telegraph systems all over Europe and North America failed, in some cases shocking telegraph operators. Telegraph pylons threw sparks and telegraph paper spontaneously caught fire. Some telegraph systems continued to send and receive messages despite having been disconnected from their power supplies.

The so called solar maximum, expected to peak in 2013. Some U.S. experts estimate as much as a 7 percent chance of a superstorm in the next decade, which seems a slight risk, but the effects would be so wide-ranging, that it has drawn official concern.

May we expect a Carrington Event in 2013?

Source: suspiciousObservers

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