Dramatic Eruption Sakurajima Volcano in Japan - Mushroom Cloud and Large Shock Wave - July 24, 2012

The volcano in Sakurajima in southern Japan has erupted on July 24, 2012, spewing volcanic ash onto Kagoshima City.

The eruption at one of Japan's most active volcanoes caused ash to cover roads. Residents of Kagoshima donned face masks to protect themselves while sweeping away the ash.

The volcano has erupted over 600 times this year and is expected to continue its intermittent eruptions.

As it is a daytime eruption we're not going to see too much glowing lava or lightning off of this, however, the size of the blast shock wave, and the size of the ash plume fallout show the magnitude of this eruption.

Source: dashcamvirals ebigamer

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