UFO New Orleans French Quarter Makes News 2012

A man from New Orleans has and out of this world experience in the French Quarter, and snapped a picture of it.

"When I turned the corner everything changed," says the 40-year-old amateur photographer who wants to remain nameless.

The eyewitness says the UFO sighting happened while walking home after taking pictures at the river.

"It was the morning of July 19th. It was 6:30 in the morning."

He says the phenomenon occurred rounding St. Phillips onto Dauphine. Street, "It was probably four or five blocks down the road maybe over Esplanade and it looked like it was the size of a couple of big houses. You can immediately tell it's not any kind of technology we have. And the picture is real."

He says he stood there for a moments, stunned., "It shined it's lights in my eyes so I had no choice but to see it. I've never seen those colored lights in the air before."

His automatic Canon G-7 was still locked in the 'on' position, "I lifted the camera up and I took a picture as I watched it disappear into the sky. I'm like, what just happened? And I looked at it and it's a little dot on my camera and it's gone. It vanished."

"When it went up into the space it went up into space in the exact opposite angle of my perspective and so it was like, 'hello we see you and we're leaving up into space in the same direction you see us.' And in an instant it was gone."

He's been trying to make sense of the incident ever since' "I'm a knowledge and reason kind of guy."

Now the image is blowing-up on-line, "Pretty much everyone is blown away by the picture. I want people to know this is happening to normal guys like me."

He's going public in hopes that someone else can find logic, "To be honest it's life changing. I saw something that completely defies all the knowledge that I have. And it moves as fast as lightning. I want to know if anybody else saw it."

Source: stephenhannardadguk

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